all donations, sponsorships and projects with which we cheered up and helped the ones who need help the most, the ones we believe in and all the people who earned it with their work and efforts. More than anything else, we are proud of the acquaintances, friendships and everything we have learnt though our work and companionships and that is why we wanted to say to all of you: THANK YOU!

We are proud of donations and collaboration with...
SOS Children’s Village Lekenik, UNICEF, Korablja Association, Djeca Leptiri (Association Debra), Hrabro Dijete Association, Red Cross, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, the movie Konjanik, Gral Film, Kino Klub, Trabakul Association from Dubrovnik, book Prijatelji Mora, Vis Regatta, TC Dinamo, Karate Club Dojo Brač, FC Špansko, FC Samobor, HARK Mladost, Atomic Dance Factory, UPVS-association for promotion of water sports, European Windsurfing Championship, Yachting Club HOST Island of Vis, KITO International Organization Nairobi Kenya, ZOO Zagreb...


sponsors of Enrico Marotti
a young Croatian windsurfer from Rijeka, the sextuple state champion who impressed with his second appearance at the world cup regatta in 2013 in Costa Brava and became part of the NeilPryde/ JO Australia team! He justified his membership very soon and in 2014, he became the first Croatian European champion in slalom, the fastest and the most attractive windsurfing discipline! Bravo Ricco!


the project Žiraha,
the social entrepreneurship project, which we realized in collaboration with CIRA association and the talented artist with autism Ratko Koletić.

At the initiative of the Royal College of Art from London, he started with a series of creative workshops in which designers work with disabled persons and develop their creative ideas and drawings into finished products.
One of these international workshops was held in Zagreb in 2011 where the designers and heads of workshops chose the work of Ratko Koletic, Žiraha, for this kind of development.
The collection of hand-made products made on that workshop soon won a series of rewards and recognitions in Zagreb, Tokyo, Kyoto...but apart from awards and small production of items made by the members of the association, no earnings were made, so there was no money for Ratko or anybody else from the association to follow Žiraha on any of the world journeys.
Moved by the whole story and great achievements of the little Žiraha, we decided to start the production of a big series collection Žiraha in collaboration with the Center for Inclusive Work Activities (, where Ratko is a member. The collection should be found in many stores and its sale should provide some profit to the Center for Inclusive Work Activities. And enable Ratko to follow every step of his Žiraha!

Ratko Koletić is a talented 45-year old artist and illustrator with autism who works every day and diligently creates and invents fantastic characters and beings like Žiraha.
A 30-minute documentary has been made about his life called ŽIRAHA (, and he also illustrated a collection of short stories by Željko Valić ‘Distilled Pure Happiness’. He is a member of CIRA association that enabled him to live and work independently in Zagreb.